Once in a while I do write rules for some kind of game. Sometimes it's just an extension to an exisrting game, like campaign rules, sometimes it's a complete game on it's own.

I'm quite a fan of the chariot races of ancient Rome and I'm also a fan of Warmaster and especially the Warmaster miniatures, so it was only a matter of time when I would write some chariot racing rules for Warmaster chariots.

The rules could be adopted to other scales, but because the relation of model size and movement distance is quite important (and therefore should be retained) the race track needed for other scales is quite enourmous.

I've build a Circus Maximus like stadiuum, but the races can be run on any kind of course even some kind of rallye over hedge and ditch.

The rules are available as online document and as pdf as an ordinary set of rules. I'm toying with the idea to add some flash to explain certain rules better, but haven't made my mind up yet.

There is a second pdf file which holds templates, player sheets and counters that will come handy.

The site is still a bit rough. If you encounter any problems, please drop me a mail.

And I want to thank Michael Hellmig, Agis Neugebauer and Marco Schulze who helped playtesting the rules.

(download 450 KB)

(download 259 KB)